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Terms And Conditions

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Terms & Conditions of Purchase

• All trial lessons and introductory days will take place in a Robinson 22 helicopter. The R-22 is a two-seater helicopter.

• Maximum participant weight for the R22 Helicopter is 16 stone (101Kg). However, if the recipient’s weight exceeds this, please call us as we are able to offer other solutions.

• The Voucher may be redeemed at any location mentioned on our website. However, please contact Regal Helicopters at least a 14 days before you wish to redeem the voucher.

• Please ring the relevant helicopter flight school on the morning of your flight, when they will be able to give you an informed decision regarding whether or not your flight is likely to take place.

• Customers are advised that due to the nature of flying, flights and or lessons may be delayed, postponed or re-scheduled at short notice due to weather conditions, or other restrictions / occurrences beyond the control of Regal Helicopters. In such circumstances no refunds or compensation for expenses / losses incurred from such actions will be paid, as alternate dates will be provided.

• The recipient must bring the voucher and a form of identification with them. Failure to do so may negate the option to use the voucher at the pre-arranged time / date and rebooking may be required.

• All vouchers are non refundable. Although, the recipient may be changed with prior notice at an additional charge of £15.00

• Regal Helicopters and associated flight schools reserve the right to refuse a flight to any person whom, in the opinion of the aircraft commander is “unfit” to fly for whatever reason.

• It is the customer’s responsibility to arrive at the designated site on time. A late arrival may negate the option to use the voucher at the pre-arranged time / date and rebooking may be required.

• Regal Helicopters and its associated flight schools are proactive in supporting persons of “restricted mobility” and wherever possible will complete a flight / lesson as required. However, flight safety will be of paramount importance in all cases and the aircraft commanders’ decision will be final.

• Vouchers are valid for 9 months from date of purchase.