Qi to talk about Rolex classic?

When it comes to Rolex's classic, certainly less than the Rolex II Explorer series. Born in 2011 coincided with the forty anniversary of the rolex replica festive days, Rolex launched Explorer II oyster perpetual watch the latest generation of Ref.216570. The change of one of the largest, is the case will expand to 42mm, Ref.116600 is following the DeepSea after this, second more sports watch case size. It carries the latest development of Rolex Cal.3187 semi automatic movement, a movement which equipped with a number of patented technologies such as Paraflex and blue arachrom shock absorber anti magnetic watch hairspring, has not brought security seismic performance and reliability.

The classic Rolex and replica watches Datejust series of Rolex Datejust series actually was launched early in 1945, also think appropriate and use oyster case, five bead chain, belonging a gentry format, however, is the original gold material presupposition, as is now the day will see a magnifying glass, is added until 1955, and continue to use until now, a unique style and become a Datejust. In 2009, Rolex will Rolex classic Datejust all aspects of the promotion, mainly in the size and movement changes, covering the original 36mm an increase to modern men's 41mm, however, is interesting, the original size of the 36mm is still in continuous production, but now some like to be classified as a female form the preset range. Additional, the default table circle carved lines, in the new version of Datejust II is amplified as a symbol of a characteristic, mainly by the end of the case should be enlarged, must let the bezel with bold, however, Datejust II has so far only etched ring version, no ring groove format, only from the original Datejust to pick up.

The classic Rolex and the Rolex oyster perpetual submariner calendar watch (Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date) The classic rolex replica and the Rolex oyster perpetual submariner calendar watch (Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date) is one of the professional divers must have the equipment, but also beyond the example of all dive watch. As the Rolex classic, since its birth in 1953, submariner depends on the perfect expression of conquer every one pair of deep sea world full of urgent to look forward to the heart, also shown unusual and Zoran Rolex in the domain of waterproof watches. The semi automatic chain, Hengdong assembly by the Swiss chronometer testing core proof pendulum thallium movement, waterproof to a depth of 1000 feet. The movement especially selected Rolex gossamer patented Parachrom, with high over the seismic resistance and magnetic force, even in the most stringent water background can also maintain lucky accurate, reliable meter diving personnel.

Rolex classic Star 16233 oyster perpetual series and lovers of sales, supply to each of the portrait in the Rolex, economic ability loose couple, couple. The stars watch 16233 fine craft clever, the appearance of vibrant, full of youthful spirit embodies the user, elegant temperament, add collectors personality charm, like a lover like bright, let people cherish tenglian, holding in the palm of the hand.