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Trial Helicopter Lessons

Our Helicopter Trial Lessons enable you to experience the thrill of flying a helicopter.

Package Description Price
30 Minute Trial Helicopter Lesson  • Briefing
 • Pre-flight checks
 • 30 minute flight
 • Debrief

  Total time allow 1-2 hours
Book your helicopter trial lesson
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60 Minute Trial Helicopter Lesson
 • Briefing
 • Pre-flight checks
 • 60 minute flight
 • Debrief

  Total time allow 2-3 hours
Book your helicopter trial lesson
Helicopter Lessons Introductory Day  • Briefing
 • Pre-flight checks
 • 60 minute flight
 • Break
 • 60 minute flight
 • Debrief

  Total time allow 4-5 hours

Book your helicopter trial lesson
Location Map
 UK Locations  You will receive (click image to enlarge)
 • Blackbushe
 • Bodmin
 • Bournemouth
 • Denham
 • Dunkeswell
 • Elstree
 • Gloucester
 • Goodwood
 • Leicester Airport
 • Liverpool
 • Manston
 • Newcastle
 • Newtownards
 • Perth
 • Retford
 • Swansea
 • Sywell
 • Thruxton
 • Thurston
 • Wellesbourne
 • Welshpool
 • Wycombe
Regal Helicopters Trial Lesson Gift Pack

We send you a professional gift pack with:

 • A4 presentation folder
 • Personalised gift voucher
 • Gift voucher envelope
 • Flight certificate
 • Info sheet about helicopter (pilot notes)
 • Regal Helicopters metallic keyring
 • Regal Helicopters stylish pen
 • Helicopter Flight Experience DVD

On each flight option your instructor lifts off and once airborne you get to take control of the helicopter. All flight times count towards a pilot's license.


Next Day (available for orders before 1pm) : £7.50
1st Class (Signed for) : £4.99
2nd Class (Signed for) : £2.99


Please note that if the flyer’s weight is 16st or over, or is over 6ft 2in in height, then we will need to book an R44 helicopter instead of R22. This adds 50% to the cost of the lesson, in which case please call us on 01702 410041 to discuss further.

Please read our terms and conditions as found here. Purchasing a voucher and booking a trial flight is considered as acceptance of these terms.